Monday, January 03, 2005

"It's My Party and I'll Go to The Emergency Room If I Want to.."
New Year's Eve. My birthday. I had been looking forward to it for weeks. WEEKS!

Crabby, Sister and the husbands arrived at 6:30 pm. The lamb shanks were simmering. The orzo was boiling. By 7:00 pm, Fresh and I were upstairs in the bathroom trying to pull a kalediscope off of Ice Prince's index finger. By 7:20 pm, IP was screaming and his finger was swelling up. I took him to the emergency room while Fresh put dinner together.

They put IP's hand in a bowl of ice water to bring down the swelling. Do you realize how many clever games I had to invent to get him to keep his hand in the water? Most involved diving penguins and polar bears. Later, the doctor came by and said that they were going to give IP a hallucenegenic drug and would numb all pain so that they could cut it off his finger.

He was on a total drug trip. It was sort of funny. Anyhow, they managed to get the thing off without cutting it (because he finally relaxed.) He woke up around 9:30 and asked "Mommy, why do you have 12 eyes?" He started to come around. by 10:30, he was merely behaving like a drunk. I was allowed to take him home, which wasn't easy, because he had no muscle control and was singing at the top of his voice like a wino.

Anyhow, We made it home before 11 pm, and I was able to enjoy a plate of dinner that Fresh had put together (Yeah Fresh! He worked very hard.) and enjoy what was left of my birthday.

Thank you to my dear friends for understanding when I had to leave them. You're the best. And hey! Big thanks to Lily for sending me the beautiful necklace I have admired on her site for so very long. I love it! And it really cheered me up just when I needed it.

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