Saturday, January 22, 2005

Ice Queen: The Early Years
I feel that my colleagues Crabby and Sister have been sharing very deep personal things lately, and I have nothing like that to share.

I did remember something amusing, however. When I was about 14, if I was doing a school project, I would dress up as the person I was studying. The first time I did this I dressed up as Socrates (in a bed sheet) and asked lots of questions all weekend. The next time, I was studying Lewis and Clark, which was a bit more difficult, having to dress up as two people and raipse through the backyard. But I gave it the old Grade 10 try.

I don't remember when or why I stopped.

Now I'm thinking about high school. Did you know that I was on the Cheerleading Squad? True, I was Deputy Head Cheerleader. I was also in Choir, Prom, Yearbook, Public Speaking, Drama and the Auto Club (mainly because Dad ran that club and he was my ride home).

My first job at the age of 13 was to stand outside the drugstore on a sidewalk sale weekend to watch the stuff. Bored, I drew humourous signs explaining why people should buy each of the products. I wasn't asked back. But people stopped to read the signs! My marketing plan was working!

My second job was at Becker's, where my boss had to speak to me about dressing inappropriately. I think I was wearing some typical 80s stuff, it may have been the giant hot pink plastic fish earrings she objected to. Who knows? I kept that job for a while. (Note: when your job involves dusting food items, DON'T take advantage of the employee discount.)

Next up, my Nana got me a job as Parts Girl at the Auto Parts store where she was bookkeeper (so belonging to the Auto Club wasn't so crazy after all, eh?). I was responsible for receiving the parts, putting them away and filling orders. It was okay, until the day the water pump fell on my head. That hurt.

Sister Staceypatrick got me a job at a daycare centre. Yes, Sister spent a summer working with kids. Hard to believe. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

If I could start over and pick a new career (those who are new visitors may not know that I work for a Big Bank), I'm not sure if I would choose differently. Mind you, I certainly never CHOSE banking. And I do lots of things that that are very unbankerly (most recently I have been designing an event with a NASCAR theme - again with the cars!). It's okay, pays good and it certainly beats retail.

What do YOU think I should be when I grow up? What do YOU want to be?

(Hey non-Torontonians! Right now we're having a real blizzard AND the temperature is minus 31 with the wind chill. Oh, Canada!)

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