Monday, January 10, 2005

Ice Queen Speaks
I’ve been quiet lately, I know. Overtired again, and Ice Prince has been sick.

Let’s see. What’s new?

On Saturday, Crabby and Sister came by for Birthday Celebration: The Sequel. I wore a lacy nightgown and set up “The Peignoir Lounge” in my dining room. Naturally, my guests forgot their nighties. Hmph! Then we snacked on all triangle shaped food and watched Love Actually. Which raised two questions:

1. If there really only one true love for you? What if there is more than one? What if you meet them at the same time?
2. When Hugh Grant was doing a funky little dance, I cried out: “That’s so like Fresh!” Crabby and Sister seemed perplexed. Am I really the only person who sees the funky in Fresh? Actually, I should be honoured that I get exclusive funkiness. Don’t judge a book by its cover!

On Sunday, Fresh and I took the Ice Prince ice skating for the first time. He did okay! Then we had chunky fries from the chip truck. It was good.

Have to take IP to the doctor today – he’s had a low grade fever for 5 days, poor wee mite.

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