Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Crazy Like a Fox
So last night, Fresh and I were cleaning up the dinner dishes. “I had a crazy idea today, “he said.
“That’s funny, “I said, “So did I. I forgot until now. Wouldn’t it be strange if we had the same idea? What was yours?”

Well guess what, gentle readers. It was EXACTLY the same idea. Freaky, huh?

Dear Fresh is beginning to have second thoughts about the logistics (like where to put the sofa for the night) and perhaps related costs, whereas I am content to rush in where angels fear to tread. So I’ll run it by you and you can let me know if you’d even be vaguely interested.

Regular visitors will know that I would love to open a restaurant. So the idea is to open up a restaurant in our house for One Night Only to our friends. Naturally, charging like a restaurant would be odd, but instead, we would charge, say $50 each and give the money to charity. Possibly Red Cross for Tsunami Relief, but perhaps something else because I fear that other charities may suffer from donor fatigue. I know Doctors without Borders is redirecting all funds now to Africa.

Anyhow, there would be soup, salad, main and dessert. It would be BYOB. Possibly I would offer a choice for dinner that had to be pre-ordered, so I wouldn’t have to buy cook too many of everything. We figure we could fit 10 to 16 people in a proper restaurant configuration (tables of 2 or 4). There would be waiter service by Fresh.

Fascinating and frightening. But I know we could make it work. (If I had enough chutzpah maybe I could ask Whole Foods or someone to donate some food. Hah!) So…what do you think? Would you be interested? Seriously. It’s a lot of work, so don’t toy with me.

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