Tuesday, January 11, 2005

A Prince Among Men
Ice Prince only has a viral infection, which is almost over. Dr. Hibbert mentioned (for the second time) that IP is exhibiting very STRONG leadership traits. “He’ll definitely be a leader, not a follower, that’s obvious now. And his personality won’t change,” giggled Dr. Hibbert as IP checked his ears and listened to his heartbeat.

Wow. A leader. Political? Spiritual? Business? Drug lord? Pimp?

I’ll be up there with all the other famous parents:
Virgin Mary
Goldie Hawn
Joe Jackson
Earl Woods

And then I’ll be able to compile The Wit and Wisdom of the Ice Prince and publish it. Like this gem from yesterday:
IP: “Dr. Hibbert? Do you and mommy and daddy pick your noses?”
Dr. H: “Well, nobody would admit that they do….”

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