Friday, January 14, 2005

She Blinded Me….With SCIENCE!
I am reading a great book that I bought online with a gift card I got from Fresh for Christmas. It’s Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Everything. “It is an animated chatty tour of every field of scientific inquiry from quantum physics and atmospheric science to evolution and volcanology…” Bet you didn’t know I have an inner science geek. It’s true! I didn’t acknowledge it until Fresh one night said “How come you always perk up when there’s a science item on the news?”

I’m even wearing my geeky horn-rimmed glasses today to add to the overall experience.

Wit and Wisdom of the Ice Prince
So we were watching a cartoon and the characters were playing a game of soccer.
IP: “Mommy, that girl just took the ball away from that boy. She’s bad!”
IQ: “It’s soccer. That’s how it’s played.”
IP: “Well, I don’t think that was very nice. I think she should say sorry and go to her room.”
It seems IP enjoys and understands sports about as well as I do.

Talk Amongst Yourselves
I haven’t talked about the tsunami on here because I find it difficult. I get verklempt. Last night I was watching the CBC Relief fundraiser. Quite often, the singers chose a very melancholy song, which was probably originally a love song, and sometimes vaguely inappropriate. If you were asked to sing, what would you sing? I thought I’d choose Fragile by Sting. But those lyrics aren’t perfect either. It’s amazing how many water metaphors are used in songs.

Jonesing for Wanda?
Oh yeah and Wanda's moved. If you haven't found her yet, she's here.

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