Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Another Year Over, and What Have You Done?
Had my wisdom teeth out.
Learned to run.
Put all recipes in a book.
Bought two armchairs.
Unpacked fancy china from move two years ago.
Hosted best Christmas Dinner Ever®
Opened a restaurant in the basement (Souterrain!) in early February
Discovered new recipes.
Won trip to Niagara on The Lake. (check March archives, I’m too lazy to find the reference.)
Got crowned.

Best post of the year
My readers would probably say the Simpsons Discussion (See April 25th). My personal favourites include Ice Queen Idol, where participants had to write a poem using IKEA item names to prove their citizenship (see September 11th) and November 8’s “Smells Like David Miller” song.

And what of next year?

1. Learn to sew
2. Run a little bit, not just when chased.
3. Stop calling work colleague “Scooter”.
4. Start calling work colleague “Sparky” instead.
5. Stop licking dishes to get water spots off when they come out of the dishwasher.
6. Discover hair’s natural colour.
7. Stop buying so many hats.
8. Make own novelty t-shirts. Sell at Distillery district. Make profits.
9. Scrub tub.
10. Use “sassy” in a sentence daily. (written or spoken)
11. Get dry cleaning done more regularly.
12. Don’t throw out dirty pans just because I don’t want to scrub them.
13. Use my powers for good, not evil.
14. Don’t make fun of the peasants.
15. Climb the corporate ladder.
16. Finally toilet train the Ice Prince.
17. Get my tubes tied.
18. Invite over some dinner guests who aren’t famous.
19. Paint. (art, not walls)

P.S. Tomorrow is my birthday. I will be 35. This does not bother me. I do not hide my birthday – how can people give you presents if they don’t know when it is? Boomer and Beco are taking me for lunch and I will be wearing my repaired tiara. Boomer will hopefully remember his digital camera so I can post a picture of my lovely visage and coiffure. Then Fresh and I will have a quiet dinner at home with good wine and probably take out from the Pusateri’s counter. Having a birthday at New Year’s is a pain – even if you want to go out for just a nice dinner it’s $150 per person (and that includes all the Bubbling Baby Buffalo “champagne” you can drink).

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