Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Thanks god I'm not more Schwanger!

Altavista's Babelfish translates and untranslates part of my last post:

"Christmas in the youth of Queen of ice

Christmas 1988 were my first Christmas with costs. I lived in a basement apartment. I bought a true tree, but the means the decorations couldn’t so we hung all my jewels 80s Kontrollichter except him. The beads were particularly nice. I have had freshly and my family more, in order to eat it in my small kitchen to evening. We drank the black revolution. I had a terrible Permian, and my hair was a certain odd red color. It was the night, where I mean family members to say had I traveled inside with costs. I waited my family left up to the remainder and then have in him gebaut? “Something, in order to say to you. They cannot approve of. Think it’s for the best. Blah blah.of Blah” But the time let I it outside mein? Oh per nut mother escape, thanks God, I thought that you were more schwanger! ? "

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