Tuesday, December 30, 2003

The Prince Formerly Known As Two

Today is Ice Prince's 3rd Birthday. I have made him this by special request. It's all he asked for. He could barely fall asleep last night for thinking about it and asking about it.

We are having some friends over who have a daughter The Prince's age. We are having Rack of Lamb à la Ted Allen. It is marinating as we speak. My mom has put together a tickle trunk full of the strangest costume things (slippers with fun fur, hats, jewelry, glasses with fake noses, etc.). I think it will go over well.

I got the Prince an umbrella. It was sticking out of my bag yesterday and he said: "Is that my own special umbrella?" I tried to hide it, but he got it. At least he likes it.

On the way home yesterday he sighed. "What's wrong?" "Oh Mommy, " he said, "I've had a rough day." Poor kid. When you turn 3, the weight of the world falls on your shoulders.

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