Tuesday, December 02, 2003

What Were They Thinking?
You know, I moved around a lot as a kid, and there are lots of different things we sold for school fundraisers: cookies, wrapping paper, chocolate covered almonds, spices, cookie dough, but the weirdest was: citrus fruit.

Oh sure, it’s easy to sell an orange, right? Try selling a case. Yep, we had to sell full cases of oranges and grapefruit. Not exactly something you carry in your backpack. I sold one, which all of my relatives split. No one should have to eat that much fruit.

Flu are you? Flu, flu, flu flu!
I’m finally getting my flu shot on Thursday, so everybody lay off already!

New Friends
Our neighbours behind us have invited us over for dinner on Friday. What if they’re religious or swingers or, worst of all, teetotalers?! And another problem: Those who know and love me know that I overdress for everything. That’s part of my quirky charm. How can I introduce the neighbours to my quirky charm without intimidating them or making them think I’m a snob? I like wearing nylons. Maybe if I wear a long skirt, the nylons will be less obvious. I can’t use the “just came from the office” excuse, since I live right behind them. Mind you, they’ve probably seen me out in the backyard in my full Queen attire weeding, so maybe they won’t be so surprised. The night of the big fire next door, everyone else was out front in jammies and I was in a black sleeveless dress. Fashion first, safety second. But I wore flats; I’m not a total snob.

If I obsess like this about new friends, imagine how I was when I was dating?

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