Thursday, December 18, 2003

Catch and Release Program Chez Reine
Six Million Dollar Cat and I caught another mouse this morning. He corners them and I pick them up in a tea towel and carry them outside. I love their cute little faces as I carry them out. (Don’t worry, I dispose of the tea towels.)

This makes three mice so far. I hope it’s not just the same mouse coming back in, but if he’s got a Death Wish, that’s his problem, not mine.

I wanna be a transvestite
1. Taller
2. Better legs
3. Better hairs (wigs!)
4. More fun clothes
5. They’re supposed to look over the top
6. Get to lip synch in front of appreciative (read – drunk) audiences

Sigh. Maybe I was one in a former life and I’m just feeling the aftereffects.

It’s all good
My Christmas bonus is better than expected!
And less tax deducted than I thought!
Boss says I’m “creative and resourceful”.
I’m done pretty much all my major stuff I need to do before holidays.
Tomorrow’s my last day until Dec. 28th.
My birthday’s coming up.
I have a tiara to wear on my birthday and other worthy occasions. Like Thursdays.
I am going to IKEA this weekend. With my bonus. Which won’t last long at IKEA Hot damn!

Mary keeps her little lamb for now
Both sets of relatives want turkey for dinner on consecutive nights. Ugh! But I make such fine beef tenderloin! And what about the rack of lamb? I don’t even much like turkey. Well, they’re just getting really wild side dishes then – like Wild Mushrooms and Chestnuts. My creativity cannot be stifled!

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