Thursday, December 04, 2003

Do I Have to Bring My Own Cat And If They Supply One Do I Get To Keep It?

So, went to get my flu shot. Piece o'cake. Told the doctor how very very tired I still am. Doc Hibbert looks concerned and says they was still a spot on my lungs in my last xray, but he figured it was the last of the pneumonia. So he's sending me for a CAT scan. In Ajax. In January. Me-ow! Not!

And he sent me for a blood test. By then, I had missed one meeting and had to run in late to another meeting. As I'm sitting there, I'm thinking "Is that blood I feel running down my arm? Nah." I look down and it's soaking through my jacket (black, so very subtle.). So I sit there applying pressure trying to look interested and writing notes. (I didn't just walk out becuase a) I was already heading for the shit list and b) I had already bled through the jacket anyhow c) what would I say, "excuse me, I'm bleeding?" There is no etiquette for such an occasion.)

In other news, I checked the o'l blamblog and as I was admiring the new banner, it suddenly looked to me like it said bjambjog. So today's task: go pick yourself out a Swedish name. I've got another insanely busy day ahead, so I'll try to keep my bodily fluids to myself in today's meetings and check back later.


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