Monday, December 08, 2003

Late Weekend Update
So you’re dying to know how dinner with the neighbours went, right? Eh, it was okay. They tell lots of stories about getting and being drunk and the husband asks very personal questions. At one point he asked how we were “going to go about not have any more children”. After a silence, I said with a straight face: “Separate bedrooms.”

Oh and the wine was Peller Estates. ‘Nuff said. But at least it was wine. Lots and lots of wine.

So the jury’s out. They’re okay, I guess. Not class acts like my current friends, right amigos? I hate making new friends. It’s too hard.

And Ice Prince met Santa Claus walking up Bayview. Yep, the real thing. Santa stopped and gave IP a candy cane. IP now loves Santa. “He gave me a candy cane and I ate it all up. Yum!”

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