Monday, August 25, 2003

Wit and Wisdom of the Ice Prince
Ice Prince runs up to a homeless man.
I.P. Hi! Hi! My name’s Colin. Hi! (turns to me) Come on, Mommy, say hi! Don’t be shy!

Must See TV
Saw the first episode of Six Feet Under last night on Showcase. Wow. Weird, funny, scary, thought-provoking and great music. Sundays at 10. Mark your calendar. It’s about the lives of a family who own a funeral home. Which may sound liked a bad premise, but how about these premises that have really been used:
Egyptian Mummy lives with suburban family (I Love Mummy)
Furry sarcastic alien moves in with suburban family (ALF)
Slighty furry sarcastic alien moves in with cute girl (Mork & Mindy)
Two guys dress as women to live in a women only residence (Bosom Buddies with Tom Hanks!)

Sweet Songs About Love and Science
If you haven’t checked out Steve Burns, go! Listen! Mighty Little Man is my favourite. I’ve now got Eva at Easternblog listening, and some other people on her blog have joined in. It’s the next big thing and you heard it here first. If you don’t want to download the music, go wander around the site. I enjoy the Daily Affirmations and the Squirrels.

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