Monday, August 18, 2003

Amish Paradise
So tomorrow I'm non-essential again, according to our Employee Status Line. I'm going in for a wee bit because:
1. Have to drop Ice Prince off at daycare
2. Have to e-mail something to parts of the country that have reliable hydro (Quebec).
3. Don't like being non-essential. More martyr points if I go in.

I was thinking. Doesn't this remind you of Margaret Atwood's Handmaid's Tale? How the government phased women out of the workforce in that book? Or does this remind you more of when the non-essential people are shipped off to planet Earth because a space goat is about to eat their planet in Hitchiker's?

Am I paranoid? Just a bit. But I've got a lovely clean(ish) house now. Did the laundry by hand and hung it out to dry. Holy manual labour, Batman! Maybe I'll skiff out to the Ex for a few hours tomorrow. Doggie, doggie!

And as for the blackouts being bad for the economy? I've replaced everything in my fridge, bought cleaning supplies and got new shower curtains. I think I've done my part. Although the purchase of Tiny Tom donuts would help too. Anyone else feeling non-essential?

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