Thursday, August 14, 2003

They'll Be Ga-Ga at the Go-Go When They See Me In My Toga
Fresh has been working late nights since his boss/office manager was….err…released into the job market. I’m lonely! As soon as I get the house tidied up, maybe I’ll have an affair. Yeah, right. Like I have the energy for that.

I so need to get down with my bad self. Sadly, this will probably involve go-go dancing in Sister’s new kitchen on Saturday (she has a raised platform…who builds a go-go dancing platform into their kitchen? My friends who care about my lack of theatrical opportunities, that’s who!)

What’s some good music to go-go to? Girl From Ipanema is too slow. I’m thinking Monkees, maybe Last Train to Clarksville.

Bonus points if you can identify where the heading for this post came from.

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