Wednesday, August 20, 2003

I have been working hard this morning - no time to blog.

I was going to post a fun quiz last night...but my mom called and it disconnected my Internet. So watch for it tomorrow: What 80s movie are you?

So to keep you busy, try to guess which movie you are and why BEFORE I post the test. No cheating and googling the test today.

I would be so Pretty in Pink. The weirdo chick who actually ends up with a normal straight-laced (though not snobby or - damn- rich) guy. But I would SO have gone for Duckie if I were her. Sigh!

Duckie, er, Jon Cryer actually has a sitcom starting in the fall where he plays, er, the straight-laced guy. Say it ain't so!

But I digress. 80s movie and why. Chip, get Pixi in on this.

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