Monday, August 18, 2003

That's Why the Lady is a (super) Tramp!
I am a non-client facing employee, and don't keep the ATMs running, therefore I am non-essential, so I'm home today. It's very weird. So here's a early treat for you "essential" people.

The Non-Essential Song
Just last week, before life became acoustical,
It was beautiful, it was electrical, mechanical.
And all neon lights, well they’d be twinkling happily,
But then shut us all down, taught us how to be Mennonite,
Got mosquito bites outside at night by candlelight
And they showed me a world where I could be so amish,
My food’s spoiled, now I’m famished.

there are times when I put some washing in,
is it really such a sin
when I’m starting to smell bad?
won’t you please, please not tell Ernie Eves
it’s one of his pet peeves
(his hair oil could power Chad)

Now watch what you say or they’ll be calling you peripheral,
Feral, non-essential, ephemeral.
No need to come in, we just feel you’re
Useless, no finesse, over-stressed, too well-dressed.

Even now, it seems so strange and weird,
even Mansbridge grew a beard
Guess I’ll just stay home and clean…
I don’t want to have to wash the floor
But I’ll catch up on my chores
‘til my desk job reconvenes

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