Wednesday, August 27, 2003

”Now It’s Over I’m Dead and I Haven’t Done Anything That I Want, Or I’m Still Alive and There’s Nothing I Want To Do”
I spent last night on the Internet searching in vain for an old Matt Groening comic I remember: Akbar and Jeff’s Bohemian Coffee Hut. I can’t find it! It was so funny. “Come at loiter sullenly at Akbar and Jeff’s Bohemian Coffee Hut.” Maybe at lunch I’ll see if Indigo has The Big Book of Hell. The reason I bring this up is because Sister, Crabby and I are going to a poetry reading tonight. I may go buy a beret simply to embarrass them. Although Monica Lewinsky ruined beret-wearing for everyone. Maybe I'll just grow a goatee.

Crabby is having people writ their own obits. I’d rather someone else write mine. Please, help me out and write me an obit. Thanks.

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