Thursday, February 03, 2005

Wit and Wisdom of The Ice Prince
IQ: “Hey, come look at this icicle, isn’t it beautiful?” (me pointing to an icicle hanging from a bush)
IP: “Yes, beautiful. It looks like a chrysalis.”
IQ: “Wha-?”

It kinda did, but where did my 4-year old learn THAT? And to use it properly in a sentence? Wild.

Problem at Work
I borrowed the Nigella Lawson book Feast from the library and I love it. But it’s one of those books you can only have for 7 days and can’t renew, so now I have to photocopy it.

If I only had an assistant or an intern…

A crocus plant in the subway for CNIB. Go buy one. You know you want to.

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