Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Vive la difference!
I’m bored.

Not that I don’t have a lot to do, oh yessir bob, I have lots to do. I’m just tired of the beige walls here at work, and the winter boots, and the bus home, and being stuck inside the house. Yes, we’ve been tobogganing and skating.

Last night, Fresh and I (and IP) went to a restaurant. We don’t do this often and if you know any 4 year olds, you’ll know why. It was a nice change of pace and the Little Prince was sort of well-behaved. He had orange fries (yam frites).

I need to shake things up. Yesterday, I went for a beverage break with Boomer, determined to try something new. The only thing I hadn’t tried in the coffee shop was Mello Yello, which was like Mountain Dew. Yawn.

So give me some ideas. How can I make life exciting until the snow melts? Help!

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