Wednesday, February 09, 2005

I Share Because I Care
I’m writing a report on a building we are, well, building. Anyhow, the caissons are being done this week. If like me, you don’t know what a caisson is, you might be tempted to look it up on the ‘net. And you might run across this page, by Morrison Mud:

Pipe Jacking, Caissons, and Structure Jacking
Note: This page deals with annulus lubrication. Regarding tunnelling methods which use additives, please click on slurry or epb/pumped muck.
What causes high jacking load?
When setting up for success on a difficult pipe jack it's worth considering how the ground conditions can affect overall friction.
Clay stickiness and swelling
Clay (bentonite) based lubricants can be of limited use in swelling clay. Consider a specialist additive such as TK60 Jacking Lubricant which actively prevent clay from swelling and contain powerful polymeric lubricants.
Loss of Lubricant to the Ground
Preventing lubricant loss to the ground can make all the difference. Choose Sloop or FibrouSeal to help maintain the annulus. These products can be added to your existing bentonite lubricant or used in a pure polymer mix.”

Who knew banking could be so interesting? Who knew I had such a puerile mind? Fine. You can all put your hands down now.

Oh, and by the way, a caisson is basically a big concrete column that holds a building up.

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