Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Two Queens is a Full House!
Markus has a post today: “To Wanda and the Ice Queen.”

Doesn’t “Wanda and the Ice Queen” sound like a sit com? Like Sanford and Son, Chico and the Man, Kate and Ally, Ned and Stacey, Will and Grace….

We need a theme song, a plot for the pilot episode and a logo. Then when Wanda comes up in the summer, we can film. Hey, maybe we can all write the screenplay together – like with the novel contest. Success in numbers! (Note that I have a no nudity clause.) Plus you could write yourselves in as characters.

C’mon, possums. Any contributions to my 15 minutes would be appreciated. I’m busy today, but can never shut my brain off, so if you give me a tune to set my words to, maybe I can come up with the theme song today.

In other news, Fresh is bemused about why a drag queen from Minneapolis mailed me a thong. (I got it last night. Thanks, Wanda!) I think I'll wear it whan Mikevil and I teach that Grade 8 Diversity Class.

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