Monday, February 21, 2005

Life in a Northern Town
George W. smoked pot. But doesn't think you should.

Jason Kenney (Dipwad for Northern Hickville) says marriages that don’t produce children don’t contribute to society and aren’t real marriages. Guess my parents have to split up now. And most of my friends. Wonder what he would have thought of the French Canadian couple who lived next door to us at one point. They’re were happily unmarried with three teenaged kids. All their own.

Ice Prince has been accepted into French Immersion for next year (All French, All The Time! Until Grade 4!)

Fresh has purchased a guitar. And guitar paraphernalia. He’s practicing daily.

Took us three times as long to get to school this morning because we had to climb huge snow banks.

Watched Gods and Monsters last night. Pretty good.

Missed the Simpsons episode (don’t get that channel), so would appreciate any recaps.

And Brett is so ungrateful and mocking about the poll that didn’t work that I wash my hands of him. If anyone else is looking for love, I’d be happy to post an ad for you.

And if Gavin and Maria or Dave and Kat do get together, please come back and tell us what happened. I deserve to live vicariously through you for my efforts.

Today’s Interactive Fun
Hey, know what we haven’t done for ages? Cast my Life Story movie. Who would play you and who would play me?

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