Friday, February 18, 2005

A Friday Game of Kat and Mouse
Over on blamblog, it’s spring and a young man’s thoughts turn to love.

And love, these days, is decided by random strangers voting. Or it should be. At least in this case, many of the voters will know Brett.

We have two (self-declaring) candidates to marry Brett, and he has agreed to binding arbitration. YOU decide! (I was sad to see that Alice didn’t want to participate. I guess she’s still too heart broken. Besides, she had her go with Brett. It’s time for some fresh young blood.)

Our bachelorettes are:

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I was born to left-wing hippies (as opposed to those right-wing
hippies you see so much) in Toronto. Almost born on the Don Valley
Parkway - good times! I was a weird kid who lived mostly in books, and
when I did emerge, I'd do odd things like kick my sister's friends in
the shins. I finally stopped being socially inept in high school,
though I was still weird. I discovered a disturbing love for Mystery
Science Theatre 3000, Douglas Adams, and Oscar Wilde. I came to
university a few years ago, found many friends who shared my love of
cartoons and sexual innuendo, and now I am delighting everyone who
knows me. And I have no ego problem whatsoever.

I should marry Brett because, really, I'm adorable and hilarious and
boys who can draw make me melt.

(No picture supplied. Artist’s impressions only.)
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Maria tries to speak four languages, but speaks none of them fluently.
Maria knows how to cook, but sometimes dinner turns out to be very salty.
Maria can make her own sweaters, but it takes her about two years to finish
Maria likes watching Jeopardy and shouting the answers at the TV, only
occasionally does she get them remotely right.
Maria has an expensive addiction: chicken wings (hot or suicide) and beer.

“At this stage in life I just want to be married, to anyone!”

(Okay, Maria just sent me a photo after all here it is:
Image Hosted by
"Here's my picture, it's a bit dark, but I think it works all right. And it shows what I can offer (lots of booze)."

So, what do you think?


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