Monday, August 02, 2004

A Shot of Scotch
My Scottish Nana used to sing this to me. I sing it to the Ice Prince (who has alternated between insisting on being called either "Stephanie" or "Princess" this weekend, but I digress). I tried to look it up on the 'net to see if there were more verses, to no avail.

So here's what I remember of it:

Ali bali, ali bali bee
Sittin' on yer mammy's knee
Greetin' for a wee bobby
Tae buy some Cooter's Candy

Och wee bairn, you're lookin' mighty thin
A wee bag o' bones puckered o'er wit' skin
But soon you'll be gettin' a wee double chin
From suckin' Cooter's Candy

(greetin' = begging, bobby = money/a penny, bairn = child)

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