Monday, August 23, 2004

I Believe in Miracles

First of all, snaps to Crabby for guest blogging. You are the wind beneath my wings. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Her blog is now back in business, which makes me happy.

In the news this morning:
Ice Prince Starts New Daycare Provider This Morning
It’s two streets north of our house. She’s a lovely lady named Jasmine with a big fenced yard and all the toys a kid could want. She’ll be walking him to school in a couple of weeks when he starts Junior Kindergarten. There’s another little boy at Jasmine’s who will be in IP’s class. They may be best friends, who knows? So exciting!

Ice Prince Visits Ex, Has Too Much Fun
Yesterday the Royal Family went to the Ex. IP enjoyed the rides thoroughly. I almost got sunstroke waiting in line for tickets, and then I got nauseous from riding in some spinning strawberry thing with IP. The waffles were ice creamy, the Food Building sucked, and Fresh won a Nemo for IP. IP got to sit in a real firetruck. He cried every time a ride ended.

Things I’m happy about
My suntan (not from sunbathing, just from being outside). I’m brown as a berry! Want to see my tan lines? (On my feet! Dirty mind!)
My big bass
My two job leads
My bottle of red wine waiting at home
My blank CDs
Not having to commute downtown with Ice Prince anymore
Getting to wear my fall clothes soon, which are much more flattering
And my black boots with heels! “where you from, you sexy thang…”

Okay, back to work.

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