Saturday, August 21, 2004

The Bitch is Back!
I'm back and I'm so glad! I missed it all so much! The nylons, the lattes, the bathtub, the stove, the wine! Oh, how I missed the wine!

Anyhow, a rather eventful week in all. Let's recap:
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usArrived Friday night in beautiful Minden Ontario. My parents' trailer which they just bought is on a lovely lot in a park where we have been going since 1978 when I was 9 years old. Dad was a teacher, so we'd spend all summer up there. Ah, the crushes, the pre-teen angst, the dreams I dreamt in that park.

It's a small trailer with an addition built on to it, like a living room/dining room area.

Caught big fish. Smallmouth bass. 4 and a half pounds. Used a frog for bait. The fillets are in my freezer and we will be having them for supper, possibly tonight.

Ate Kawartha Dairy Ice Cream. Which, if you haven't had it, is an orgasmic experience. Pralines and cream, natch.

Watched Monsters Inc. more than a dozen times. (Not much to do with Ice Prince at 6:30 am when he wakes up.)

Went to Parorama Point and saw shooting stars.

Wore a ripped pair of jeans and a lumberjack shirt. Really. I was cold. I'll post a picture when I get them back.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usSaw whitewater rapids.

Had a campfire.

Ate junk food. (It's going to take weeks to undo what my parents have done to Ice Prince's food choices.)

Heard the loons calling and saw a heron fly only about 3 metres above my head.

But the big news chez Ice is that I've been checking my voice mail and I got TWO calls on jobs.

We came back yesterday afternoon. I curled my hair, got a quick manicure, bought an outfit and went off to an interview at an investement firm. It went okay. Too many of those stupid behavioural questions (Tell me about a time when you have to gain buy-in from another team....). I'm guessing I'll make the second round of interviews.

As per usual, I ran into my boss at the office when I had to run in for copies of my resume. So, as usual, I 'fessed up. She knows I'm looking anyway. (New readers, check out the fiasco of my last job interview on February 5. Hilarious!).

The other call was from an Executive Search Firm (Mandrake). I has sent in a resume for one thing, but they want to hook me up with something else. I'll call them Monday. Make 'em sweat.

Such excitement! It's great to be wanted.

The first few days at the trailer, it seemed like something was missing. But when I landed the job interview, it felt like it did when I was a teenager there in summertime: like I was on the cusp of something big, like anything could happen.

Since I've come home, I have made brownies and I am currently making waffles. Fresh is happy to have me home. Not just for the cooking, I'm sure. He left the place very tidy. It's good to be back.

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