Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Kisses and Endorphins
Everything in my life is dull and I have no money and my basement’s wet and my son hasn’t spoken to me for 24 hours because he’s in a “sniff”, but do you know what?

I’m in a great mood.

Is it the endorphins? I ran again this morning. I really must find my walkman – I’m not sure the neighbours enjoy my version of Ryan Malcolm’s Something More as I jog past at 5:45 am.

Today is garbage day, and there was some excellent haul at Pape – a bowl with retro palm trees on it. But:
1. I still had another 1.5 km to jog home. Hard enough without a big ass bowl under my arm.
2. The people were still putting stuff out. I don’t like to garbage pick while people are looking. I do have my pride.
3. It looked TOO good. Nobody throws something THAT cool out. Must’ve been hurled into or something.

Sad, really. And yet, I’m still in a great mood.

I ran into Fresh on my way into work (he’s been keeping up with his resolution too). It totally tickled me to see him out of context. And there’s something lovely about getting a kiss right outside your office building.

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