Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Sun Comes Up It’s Tuesday Morning
Coffee break with the Ice Queen
Tried Spray On Pantyhose at Shoppers Drug Mart. Sprayed a spot on my shin. It looks like I have a bruise.

And I Ran…Ran So Far Away...Couldn’t Get Away
So today I begin my training for the Pride and Remembrance Run. We’ll see how far I can go by June 26th.

I figure if I run 2 km four times a week, by June 26th…..I’ll be in Guelph.

I think I should have a Meet the Ice Queen and Give Her a Pledge drinking night before that. Who’s in?

I shall be running in my tiara. For extravagant donations, I will accept other suggestions for my running costume. Not sure the red cross eye patch is a good idea…. I already have someone offer to donate their medal from a previous run, so that’s good.

Boomer has been appointed official Photographer to the Queen. Other Royal Staff are welcome to apply for positions such as Water Boy, Purse Holder, Makeup Touch Ups, etc…..

Such fun! What next? Oh yes, I’ll need a running soundtrack. Suggestions welcome.

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