Monday, May 17, 2004

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Bad, bad, bad weekend.

Ice Prince got sent to his room at least 7 times yesterday. He was totally mouthing off and laughing at my attempts at discipline. The last time he got sent to his room he fell asleep. Today’s he’s much better, so I hope he learned something. “Make sure the good books and toys are in your room BEFORE you piss Mom off.”

But the weekend was saved at the last minute by the Freddie Mercury tribute on Much More Music. I get goosebumps! This also made me want to do karaoke. Another fundraising idea? Maybe I could win a gift certificate for fundraising and finally by some decent running shoes. Of course, by then, I won’t need the shoes.

I took my bike out for the first time in a year. Sweet glorious freedom! And today at lunch, I run.

I will be setting up a progress chart (or as I like to call it “The Wall of Shame”) to monitor my training progress for the Pride Run. I also thought that if I run out of steam out, Mikevil could pull me in one of those rickshaw things and I could throw condoms branded with the Ice Queen logo. “I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream With Ice Queen Brand Condoms!”

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