Monday, May 10, 2004

And Then I Put on the Nurse Uniform….

How’d I do on my Mother’s Day Wish List? Let’s see:
1. The book Three Martini Playdate (no, but I started reading The Stonecarvers)
2. Lingerie, nylons and other flimsies (no, it was BYOflimsies)
3. Wine. (yep!)
4. Take in food (no, but Fresh cooked pasta with scallops)
5. A long bath that doesn't involve ducks or boats. (done!)
6. Tulips or any flowers but carnations (yes)
7. No tantrums (not too bad…)
8. Sunshine (some)
9. Any Bloom County books I don't already own (nope)
10. Bagels (yes!)

Ice Prince was not happy about Mother’s Day at first: “I don’t want it to be Mother’s Day. I want Mommy to make me pancakes!” But eventually he got into it. He made me wear the "Mother's Day Princess" outfit which consisted of a headband with bouncing antennae and a pink lei.

And Fresh rented a movie I wanted to see: Kill Bill Vol. 1. Not bad. I give it full bonus marks for using Zamfir on the soundtrack who, I believe, is totally underrated.

Nothing says; “You’re a great mom” like watching people get their limbs and heads chopped off.

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