Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Cheeky Bum Taster!
Ice Prince Quote Of The Weekend:
“I need the big blanket over me so Leo (our cat) doesn’t taste my bum.”

Saturday we went to the Jazz Festival. Ice Prince got to go on stage and play an instrument while the band played “Spiderman”. Then I couldn’t get him off the stage.
Sunday we went to buy shoes because the boy had huge holes in his sneakers. Ice Prince chose Spiderman sandals. Now he puts on his sandals and dances and sings the Spiderman song.
Monday we went to the zoo with the Crabbies. The best part was seeing the Otter Feeding. They were right in front of us – it was most excellent. Ice Prince would squeal everytime one swam by. "I liked the d'otters best!" Then the Crabbies came over for dinner. Fresh opened up his store of wine. Now I am a wee bit hung over. Bleagh.
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I also had insomnia and got up at 4 am and watched the remake of Sabrina. Why does no one ever try to bribe me to move to Paris?

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