Thursday, May 27, 2004

Featured E-mail of the Day
Ice Queen,
We haven't seen you in a while... our records show that you last signed in to Tickle, formerly known as Emode, on February 22, 2001.

Because you haven't signed in or taken a test within the past year, your account has been marked as inactive. If it remains inactive for another 30 days, we'll need to delete it.

Tests Taken

Test Title Result Date Taken
What Breed of Dog Are You? Pug 01/31/01
The Passion Predictor: Snugglebunny 02/07/01
The Ultimate Personality Test: Movie Star 02/22/01
Which "Friend" Are You? Phoebe 03/12/01

SNUGGLEBUNNY?! Movie star I can believe.

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