Monday, May 03, 2004

A Picasso or a Garfunkel

Friday, Crabby came over (Father P O’S had to cancel.) We ate and drank and Ice Prince answered Snobby’s questions:
How old are you?
(IP holds up three fingers)
What’s your favourite thing to do?
(IP pulls up his shirt and shows us his belly. Crabby and I break up laughing.)
What’s your favourite food?

I will ask Ice Prince your other questions tonight.

Saturday Ice Prince reluctantly got a hair cut. “My head fell off, “ he reported to his Nana afterwards. We had lamb burgers for dinner (“Liiiiiissssaaa…why do you haaaaaaate me?” If you don’t know the reference, you probably shouldn’t be reading this blog. If you know where this post title came, you may stay for now. I’m not afraid to give homework if anyone needs to catch up.)

Sunday Fresh and I become Patrons of the Arts. We bought a painting at the Beaches Studio Tour for over our fireplace. It’s sort of an abstracty landscape. Very vibrant. If you ever become famous, I’ll invite you over and show it to you. Bring wine.

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