Friday, May 30, 2003

We All Scream
It’s a beautiful day in the Icicle ’hood. Sunny, warm. And a young girl’s fancy turns to thoughts of ice cream trucks.

I love ice cream trucks. The ice cream is good, but it’s the truck itself I love and what it stands for. The happy carefree tune that drifts through the summer dusk as the truck ambles along. Proust can keep his madeleines, I’ll take the sound of the ice cream truck any day.

I also adore the names of ice cream trucks. Some in our neighbourhood include Mr. Twisthead and Mister Softee.

Have you seen any good ice cream truck names?

And what would be a good ice cream truck name? How about:
The Ice Cream Man Cometh
The SquisheeMobile
Brain Freeze ‘R’ Us

Anybody ever see the movie where Steve Buscemi drives an ice cream truck? It wasn’t very good, which is too bad because the premise sounded great.

Playing in My Head: David Lee Roth singing, "I'm Your Ice Cream Man stop me when I'm passing by, all my flavours are guaranteed to satisfy." (Real song. Honest.)

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