Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Glory Days
I’m not exactly how this happened, but by the age of 12 I had developed a very strong sense of what was needed to be popular:
1. Be Student Council President
2. Be a cheerleader

My family moved a lot, so I found myself starting Grade 8 at a school that had a Student Council. It was my first week of school and I didn’t know anyone, but I decided to go for it. I had great posters (Don’t be snoozin’, vote for Susan). And to the shock and amazement of me and my parents – I won!

It was merely a figurehead job. And it never made me popular, but I was proud that I had done it.

Years later, I ran into someone who went to that school (she was in Grade 5 when I was in Grade 8).
Marta: I remember you were Student Council President.
Me: Yeah. I could never figure out why I won, since no one knew me.
Marta: Well, the Grade 5s voted for you because you had boobs.
Me: Whaaaaaaa?!

You read it here first. Ice Queen won political office because she was eye candy. (Katie Holmes, eat your heart out.)

Three years later, I also managed to make the High School Cheerleading Squad. I was Assistant Captain, even. I’m not sure how that happened either. Suffice it to say, our squad didn’t do any gymnastics – only cheers:
“Thunder thunder thunderation
We’re the Glencoe delegation
When we fight with determination
We create a sensation.”

And travel was involved. We got to go to West Lorne for the Senior Volleyball Finals.

Which reminds me, I was also on the Public Speaking Team (who’s surprised?). When I won, they told me I was going to the next level of competition – in Wyoming! I was thrilled, but later found out it was about an hour away in Southwestern Ontario. This explained why Mr. Leach said he’d drive me there.

I also won third in the Kiwanis Music festival for my singing. And yes, there were only three in my division.

Ah, high school.

Question of the Day: When and where was your first kiss? (real, not as a 4 year old) If you’re saving yourself for marriage, that’s okay.

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