Thursday, May 15, 2003

Things that make me sad
Last night Ice Prince and I were walking to the bus. One of his classmates was sitting on the curb and her mom was tying her shoe. Suddenly the girl yells “That’s Colin. I don’t like him!” The mother said. “You musn’t say that”. The child again yelled, “But I don’t like him!” “Why?” asked the mother. But the child just mumbled something.

Like Ralph Wiggum, you could actually see the moment when my heart broke. I.P. seemed oblivious, thank goodness.

And this morning on the bus, Ice Prince was being his exuberant self (not bad or disruptive), and someone said “Somebody get that kid some Ritalin.” When I looked up, no one had the guts to look me in the eye. Boy, was I mad.

Things that make me happy
My parents have developed their own words and phrases. Here is a sampling:
Jowl Juice – The drool that comes from happy cats
Carpet Pizza – When the cat throws up on the rug
Purina Patina – When the cat throws up on the window
Meese Knees – When a Siamese cat sleeps so long on you lap, your knees fall asleep
Sleepy Fur – The ruffled fur of a just-awoken cat (can also be applied to humans – equiv to Bed Head)
Cheedle – The orange goo you get on your fingers when eating Cheesies

Speaking of my Parents
Mom just phoned me and they sold their house, so they’re moving. Those of you who know my parents will be surprised that they’ve actually been in their current house for 7 years. I know I am.

And it was so nice of them to tell me this time.

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