Tuesday, May 27, 2003

This Will be a Happy Memory
Last night, after his bath, Ice Prince was wrapped in a towel, he lay down on the floor with his head on a pillow. I lay down beside him. He put his chubby little arm around me, smiled and said “I happy, Mommy.”

Whereas This Seems Like a Simpsons Rerun
This morning, Ice Prince started calling me “Susan”.

The Trick is Not To Shake Him Too Hard
I’ve decided that my son is like a Magic 8 Ball. Last night I asked him if I should go after a new job and he said: “No, Mommy. Eat cookies.”

Best advice I’ve ever heard.

Separated at Birth
Nino Ricci (1997) and John Oates.(1980ish).

Movie Review
Saw Harry Potter Part Two last night. Children’s movie my butt. Snakes. Spiders. Ugh!

But Daniel Radcliffe is going to be positively yummy in a few more years. Reminds me of Chris Makepeace who played Rudy in what is possibly the best movie of all time: Meatballs. Pardon me while I go hum the soundtrack for the rest of the day.

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