Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Ice Queen Asks the Hot Questions
So the reason I bring this up is not personal. I just came back from lunch and saw one half of a suspected office romance waiting for the other (married) half and it got me thinking:

1. What counts as cheating?
2. Would you forgive your significant other if he/she cheated on you? What would you forgive and what wouldn’t you?
3. If you knew someone was cheating on their spouse, would you tell the spouse?
4. Do you believe people should stay together “for the kids”?
5. While in a relationship, have you ever flirted with someone just to experience the thrill of being interesting to someone other than your significant other?

Really, it’s not personal. Fresh once said to me: “I wouldn’t cheat on you. I’m too busy. If I had that kind of time I’d be at the archives instead.” I’m sure he’s sincere. (Fresh always is.)

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