Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! Make It Stop!
Did a lot of garden work on the weekend and I hate Sedum.

What is Sedum, you may ask? Well, it’s a succulent kind of plant that spreads like Tribbles from Star Trek. It’s not even pretty. Ripping it our doesn’t kill it. If it lands on some other soil, it roots itself. I even think if you rip it into pieces, each piece develops into a new plant.

Attack of the Sedum. Coming to a Drive –In near you.

My First Drive-In Movie
I saw my first drive-in movie at the age of 5. It was American Graffiti. I was bored, and I feel asleep in the car. Actually, that was my last drive-in movie.

False Alarm
Ice Prince does NOT have chicken pox, contrary to popular belief. He did, however, hop up on Dr Hibbert’s little stool and perform several songs with accompanying choreography. It was worth it to hear the trademark Hibbert laugh. We also went to St. Lawrence market and Ice Prince did some interpretive dance to some really goods blues music. Kid has taste.

My First Story
Mom and Dad are moving, within Glencoe. Anyhow, Mom’s packing so she phoned me up and read me this story I wrote in Grade 1 or 2:
“I have a dog.
He likes me.
He’s name is Laddie.
He’s bin runned over 4 times.”

You can just see the genius shining through, eh? Or is that “Shinning”?

Cottage Reading
This year I am planning on reading John Stackhouse’s Timbit Nation on the beach. The story of a journalist who hitchhiked across Canada. Non-fiction.

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