Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Grammar Nerd

“Grammar Nerd, Grammar Nerd
She’ll make you all rethink that word!”

Today we have a visit from Grammar Nerd. Grammar Nerd travels throughout the world smiting those who use poor grammar.

“Stronger than Silent ‘e’, able to leap Capital ‘T’ with a single bound
It’s a noun, it’s a word, it’s Grammar Nerd!”

Can you feel the excitement? Grammar Nerd today addresses some of the most commonly misused words:

Complimentary - free
The nachos are complimentary with a beverage purchase.
Complementary – goes well with
This El Sol beer really complements the nachos.

Stationery – office supplies
I need to order some stationery from Grand & Toy.
Stationary – standing still
Dad has been stationary in his recliner for more than four hours

Principles – rules you live by
I refuse to compromise my principles by sampling from the bulk food bins.
Principals -- heads of an institution
Skinner is one of my favourite principals.
The principals of the law firm met to discuss the principles by which they would conduct their business.

Its – Belonging to it
My cat is always eating its food.
It’s – It is
It’s really good food, I guess.

Those are the biggies. I’m sure Crabby (Grammar Nerd Classic®) will have some to add.

So now you know. You’re welcome.

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