Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Theatre Review: Dora the Explorer's Pirate Adventure LIVE!
by Ice Prince
"I liked Boots the Monkey and the Pirate Piggies and when the Map came out of the story and was in the AUDIENCE! That was so funny!"
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Theatre Review
by Ice Queen
Let's just say Boots the Monkey's costume was tight enough that I could tell you if he's circumsized or not.

Always nice when they throw in a little something for the adults.

Turns out we had VIP tickets, so we got a grab bag full of swag (nothing fancy - wee telescope, poster, "signed" picture of Dora) which kept the IP busy and also meant I was able to avoid the souvenir stands.

The bar wasn't open -- why not? If you can have a drink during the intermission of Persée, why can't you have one at the intermission of Dora? Who didn't think people would need a drink in a theatre full of 2-5 year olds?

Actually, it was not so bad and IP was a perfect gentleman.

Little known fact: The 7-11 Crystal Light Raspberry Ice Slurpee I drank at 6:30 am this morning has enough aspartame to re-engineer my genes and turn me into Bea Arthur by lunchtime.

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