Monday, June 06, 2005

Maybe that explains the moniker, Ice Queen
While still reeling over what happened to Mikevil, then I find out that our Sunday drink date Joel was majorly waylaid. I am the sort of person who never says the right thing. I can’t be counted on to provide comfort or sympathy – not because I don’t want to, but mainly because I feel like it comes out sounding treacly and insincere and I feel like I’m doing more harm than good. So I say nothing and feel guilty for that. Or I make an inappropriate joke. Bad Queen.

”And the Damage Done”--not
Fresh had his guitar lesson on Sunday, so I took Ice Prince to The Beach. The wading pad wasn’t open yet, so I took him down to the actual beach. He was throwing rocks into the lake (which looked digusting) when I saw a needle, about nine inches from IP’s sandaled foot and about three inches from my hand. “C’mon!” I said.

Now, four year olds who are enjoying themselves are not easily distracted. “Why?” he asked. “There’s a needle,” I whispered. As I prodded him toward the lifeguard station, he kept yelling, “But MOMMY I DON’T SEE ANY NEEDLE!” Very reassuring for the tourists.

Anyhow, the lifeguard came and picked it up with his special container. He was actually very nonchalant. The nonchalance of both me and the lifeguard bothered me more than the needle itself.

Movie Night
On Sundays I usually rent a movie, because I do all the ironing. Last night we watched Motorcycle Diaries. I liked it. It was about Che Guevara when he has a university student on a road trip. Has anyone else seen it? I thought the part where we swam the river was pretentious, though. Too symbolic.

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