Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Deutschmarks or Dollars, American Express Will Do Nicely, Thank You!
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Me, at last years run.
Photo Credit: Terry Marsh Photographic Arts and Body Waxing Emporium

I will be participating in the Annual Pride and Remembrance 5K Run this Saturday.
Won’t you please donate? I have an excellent incentive program in place for all donors:
$5 Your name on the Cubicle Corner of Caring
$10 Haiku written especially for you by me
$20 Original work of art by my son, Ice Prince.
$30 Copy of my 2004 Fashion Cares DVD (in which I sing New York New York while dancing with chorus boys dressed as girls)
$40 Book from my personal library for you to keep forever with a personalized inscription
$50 Ice cube tray (local sponsors can choose to also have ice cubes in tray at no extra cost!)
$100 Pan of my world famous brownies
$200 Lock of hair
$500 I will name my next child after you (if any, none promised).

Give in person (before end of day Friday, or online (by end of day Wednesday)!

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