Friday, June 10, 2005

Meet the Queen's neurosis
I have received a wedding invitation to go to my cousin's wedding. (No, not Kate, the OTHER side of the family).

Therefore I must not only get this job, but I also need to lose 30 pounds, get a manicure, and win a Pulitzer.

Yes, I have an unreasonable competitive streak with the branch of the family. TOTALLY unprovoked and full-blown raging psycho. Okay, a psychiatrist would probably say it all started when she got a better communications job than me right out of university while I had to slave 7 years after I graduated to get the same thing. In a basement. With mice. And Sister Staceypatrick.

Anybody got a Pulitzer I can borrow? I can always Photoshop a Globe and Mail article about me winning it.

Maybe I'll do a post like Brett and you can help me choose my outfit. I envision a giant hat (it IS a day wedding). Too bad I can't wear my sunny choi, but it's white. My red dress rocks, but it's a bit "trying too hard". I want effortless perfection. "Oh, THIS old thing? I just threw it on."

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