Friday, June 17, 2005

I Want To Ride My Bicycle, I Want to Ride my-THUD!
Wiped out on my bike this morning. Hit a curb at the wrong angle I guess. Luckily there was no traffic nearby. I’m a bit scraped up. Ice Prince suggests that “maybe you should WALK to the bank machine next time, Mommy.” Yeah. I’ll get right on that.

The concert was charming. But the parents were very ill behaved. They talked when they shouldn’t and they got in the way trying to take pictures. There were so many flashes, Fresh said it look like a press conference. A couple of children were genuinely frightened. Parents can be very selfish. That’s why I generally don’t like making friends with other parents.

Ice Prince refused to look at us. What a consummate professional. Apparently, he was meditating and thinking “what’s my motivation?” before going on. Well, okay, he kept sneaking peeks, but would quickly look away if we caught his eye.

The performance was cute. I’m just glad MY kid wasn’t the one spent who the whole time with both hands down the front of his pants. Or the one who sucked his thumb. Or the one who had a breakdown on stage and had to leave in tears.

As to the weekend, we're going to a wine tasting on Saturday (Ice Prince is happy because he gets to run amok with his best girl Maija.) And then Fresh and I will be having dinner. Alone. Yes!

For Father's Day,I am making my Dad (STOP READING NOW DAD) a CD of novelty music -- like Weird Al and stuff. Not sure what I'll get Fresh, although he did ask for some assistance in choosing a summer wardrobe. Queen Eye for the Straight Guy!

Have a great weekend, mes copains.

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