Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Little Miss Social Butterfly. Can You Dig It?
I have a date tonight and tomorrow night!

Tonight, the Ice Prince and I are going to see Dora the Explorer Live at the Hummingbird Centre. He is very excited and has told EVERYONE. What do you want to bet he decides he’s scared and doesn’t want to stay? Well, at least the tickets were free.

In unrelated possibly sad news, IP was supposed to be doing a Kindergarten concert next week, but with the work-to-rule thing, it may get cancelled. Mind you, every night is a concert at our house. We’ve finally learned Brown Eyed Girl. Yes, all of us.

“Hey, IP,” I said last night as he and Fresh tuned their guitars. “We’re like a band. What should we call ourselves?”
“Arthur the Loser,” said IP.
“I actually kind of like that, “ said Fresh.
“Me too,” I said. “Very indie. Arthur The Loser it is.”

And tomorrow night, Fresh is taking me for dinner to Coco Banana:
“This funky east-side Caribbean roti shop might look like something straight out of Shaft with its luridly hued fuzzy 70s sofas and potted palms, but its secluded garden grotto out back – though still painted in seriously psychedelic colours – is one of the avenue's most serene spaces. Overstuffed couches, pots of geraniums and the chef's own special herb garden, too.”

Do you think “own special herb garden” is a euphemism? Just asking.

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