Sunday, June 26, 2005

I'm a Paisley Girl in a Rainbow World. I'm Plastic...It's Fantastic!
Yes, we met R.ick M.ercer on Friday night at the party. We spoke for about ten minutes. He's very quiet. I think he was afraid we would fawn. In fact, no one else seemed to want to come up to talk to him. Their loss. We chatted about the neighbourhood (we live vaguely in the same area.) His partner was charming. Fresh at the end asked for a picture. The camera jammed shortly thereafter, so I may or may not have a picture. One musn't drink and shoot, I suppose. I'll try taking it to the one hour photo today.

Talked Enza into coming to a fundraiser we're having for the Behemoth in October. Saw Ir.shad (several times and after the run). Brent Hawkes' partner loved my earrings, and loved the fact that I confided that they were from Goodwill. Schmoozed. Had a lovely time. Got a temporary tattoo from a lovely boy, whose name I never found out. "More Than You Expect", it read. Wonder what I was unconsciously advertising? Oh well.

Saturday was the run. I wore the hula outfit as soon to be illustrated. Fresh and Ice Prince came. Right before the race, a silence fell over the crowd, broken by a wee soprano voice yelling : "GO, MOMMY, GO!" That's my boy! I saw Mikevil (actually pinched his butt around the 1K mark), Just Mark and Pooky. Boomer showed up for the end and took my picture. I have never been soon friggin hot in my life. I honestly thought I might faint, but I made it to the finish line. I raised my hands in triumph...and smacked a pro-runner right in the face. Oopsie! Boomer was very impressed with my A-list connections -- or pretended to be. I raised $230 and won a $50 gift certificate to Curbside Cycle. My first reaction was "Cool, I won!". My second reaction was "That's all I feel like right now is more exercise." Still, bonus! And I get a $25 Starbucks certif for raising over $150. Mmmmm....Grande Non-fat vanilla latte and a pumpkin scone FOUR TIMES!

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Photo Credit: Terry Marsh Photographic Arts and Twink Wrangling

Hey, I also ran into Snobby! He recognized me on the street. Okay, I stood out a WEE bit. He was doing a survey of gay men's habits. I offered Ice Prince, since he is undeclared at this point, but Snobby declined, saying there were questions about sex. Too bad. The answers would have been worth the price of admission!

What else? Oh, it's all a blur. More as it comes back to me.

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