Monday, October 25, 2004

Tea. A Civilized Way to Spend an Afternoon.
So, my Aunt Susan took me for Edwardian Tea at Spadina House yesterday. It was lovely. The lace curtains, the antiques, the delicate tea cups, the wee sandwiches, the sweets made from traditional recipes, the table full of vicars, the yelling, the screaming…

Errrr…yes. I thought perhaps we were on Candid Camera. At the beginning, the lady welcoming us had to tell a very loud table to pipe down so she could talk. It was very noisy. Aunt Susan had some raunchy conversation about a video going on behind her and then a woman at the table next to us started yelling: “You’ve got some f’ing nerve! Who the hell do you think you are?” And so on, for quite a bit. I thought perhaps she was telling a story, quoting someone, but I turned and saw that she was red faced, half out of her seat yelling at her tea companion. It was ever so lovely.

More tea?

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